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5 Awesome Google Chrome Extensions Useful for every Web Designer

Google has taken over the internet and Google Chrome has taken over our Desktops. Over the years, Google Chrome has strengthened its popularity and has become one of the most used browsers. One of the most important features of Google Chrome has got to be thousands of freely available Chrome Extensions. Extensions are like add-ons that provide extra features to an already amazing browser.

  • ColorZilla: If you’re a web designer then you know what knowing the right color means to you. While browsing through different websites you may come across a color that you’d like to use. That’s where this cool Chrome extension comes into play. Simply activate the tool and click on the color and the tool will copy the HEX code of the color which you can use in any of the image editing tools. It’s that simple.
  • WhatFont: Finding out the font type from a website is now extremely easy, thanks to WhatFont. You can easily find out the font family, the font size, and even the font color using this nifty Chrome extension. All you need to do is activate the tool in the browser and click on the text whose font type you would like to know and it will display all its details.
  • Page Ruler: This extension allows you to draw a ruler to any webpage and displays the height, width, and position of it. You can either select the element whose dimensions you want to understand or you can use the feature where all the elements on the page get highlighted for you to choose from. It comes very handily for a designer to understand how each element is used in an existing webpage.
  • Image Downloader: As the name suggests, this chrome extension will list all the images on a webpage and can be downloaded one by one or in bulk. We understand that finding good images is critical for good design and this great extension can help cut the search time by a great deal. Having said that, we recommend you check the usage policy of the website to avoid downloading any copyrighted images.
  • Window Resizer: Web Designers need to check their responsive designs with different screen resolutions to make sure that they don’t break. Window Resizer is a Chrome extension that will resize your browser to the desired screen size in order for you to emulate that device type. You can customize the preset options to your preferences and also add custom resolutions.

As promised we’ve shared 5 Google Chrome extensions for you awesome Web Designers. If you know of any other extensions that have helped you in your work then feel free to share it in the comments section below.

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